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Anonymous :  You're walking in the woods. There's no one around and your phone is dead. Out of the corner, you spot him: Shia Labeouf.

As implausible as this situation is to begin with, I have no idea who this ’ Shia Labeouf ’ is, nor would I be traveling with a phone.

They’re much too awkward to bring along, it wouldn’t work unless connected to a phone line, and I can’t see why anyone would bring one with them if they were going for a stroll in the woods.

That is, unless, you’re referring to the Soviet Wireless Phone[1], which we here at Aperture have been dying to get our hands on. Unfortunately, due to prohibitions and laws, we’re unable to negotiate an agreement to get the rights to use and produce the device.

[1]  -[Young Soviet engineer has assembled a wireless phone that can be connected to the city phone line via ‘electro-magnetic’ waves. The new model of his phone has a size not more than two cigarette boxes and weights 500g (together with the battery), thanks to this the device can be widely used not only for organizations but also for the personal use. Using this pocket radio phone anyone can call landline number from wherever he is and also he can be called by any landline user.]

Sincerely, Caroline

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